In this guide of Pro Hormones, it was explained that it could stop the natural production of testosterone in the body as well as being harmful to the liver. Even if the body doesn’t produce a lot of testosterone, ProHormone will take over. Now that you have gained strength and muscles by using the ProHormone anabolic process, the male characteristics depends on the product. Now that you are at the end of treatment, and happy with the results what comes next? This is where many people have issues.

New exercisers or ProHormone users often are strong users of steroids and will often take more than recommended. Whenever the treatment is done, everyone believes that they can train like before and build more muscle. When ProHormone leaves the body pretty quickly and it is at this point that you can’t rely on the anabolic effects anymore. Many believe that the natural testosterone production will continue to happen without the steroids or Prohormone, and that is wrong.

During the treatment the body will stop producing testosterone to manage being able to keep a natural hormone state. The body will always try to get to a balanced and normal state, which is called homeostasis which is why training programs will only work for so long. The same thing will happen when you use ProHormone, your body will adapt by stopping the production of natural testosterone.

Strengths of estrogen blockers

The stronger that the ProHormone is and the longer the treatment is, the lower that the natural testosterone will be  and if you happen to be at the end of your treatment your testosterone will be low. Estrogen levels will rise while your testosterone lowers. That means that you will not be in a position to build or keep muscle. If you don’t take the right steps, you may end up with Gynecomastia or male breasts because of excess estrogen. These are side effects of estrogen, so it is important to resume natural testosterone production and to block the estrogen.

That isn’t all. While treatment is raising the cortisol levels or stress hormone, but as soon as the cortisol levels are low, it causes the hippocampal will cause you to lose muscle and strength and cause muscles to turn to fat.

Low testosterone

Estrogen blockers and PCT supplements are part of a category of negative effects of a ProHormone treatment which brings your body back to a normal state after treatment so you can keep what you gained.


It is useful to take a look at estrogen and testosterone to understand what it does to the body. Testosterone is a hormone and part of the androgen group and is found in the testes of males. This is the primary male sex hormone and is a main hormone in the body. It plays a part in development of males.


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