There are many sleep positions, but did you know that statistics indicate nearly 70% of people sleep on their side? If you are one of the people who use a side sleeping position, you likely know the routine of tossing, fluffing and repeating to get a good night of rest. Well, this brings the question up, what is the best pillow for side sleepers?

Usually, a thicker pillow is needed by side sleepers to support their head and necks. This may lead to using at least two pillows when sleeping, as pillows that are too soft or filled with certain materials will often sink due to the weight of your head. There are pillows out there that are designed with side sleepers in mind though, below are a few of the better options.

Wamsutta Extra-Firm – $15

This pillow is not that luxurious at first site, and it’s also a cheaper versionthan other side sleeping pillows on the market. But, you may notice the material is not cotton or down, but filled with polyester. When resting your head, you will find that it sinks less compared to cotton or down pillows, this is helpful for many that find pillows too soft.

Brookstone BioSense Luxe Pillow – $90

The BioSense is another great side sleeper pillow and it provides great firmness too. It is designed with a down covered memory foam for comfort and firmness.

Tempur-Pedic Contour Side to Side Breeze – $140

This pillow has more of a spongy feel, but a great option for the side sleeper. It is more tailored than a regular Tempur-Pedic pillow, but on the more expensive side.

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